Daniel Kohlsdorf
Data Scientist, Machine Learning Enthusiast and Programmer


I am a data scientist working at the e-commerce company Shopify. I also work as a freelance data scientist with the Wild Dolphin Project. The goal is to use Machine Learning to discover patterns in Dolphin Communication. Before, I worked at a social network called Xing in Hamburg working on Recommender Systems and Machine Learning. I received a PhD in computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I also worked as a graduate research assistant in the Contextual Computing Group under Thad Starner. Before joining Georgia Tech I was a student assistant in the intelligent systems research group at University Bremen. I wrote my Diploma Thesis (Diploma is a German, similar degree to a Masters) in the same research group and worked there as a researcher for a short period of time. I also worked as a software developer for mobile applications on the android and iOS platform in the Neusta Software Development Group.

Problem domains I am currently interested in include: recommender systems, deep learning, gesture recognition, bio acoustic modeling of dolphin communication.